2 Broke Girls

If you’re clever … or just have common sense. You would make sure that you go on a trip with the right amount of spending money ….. That’s exactly what me and my pal my Sam didn’t do

IMG_7747This is us being cute spending are last pennies on beer

To cut a long story short we had booked an Asian adventure to break up our time in Australia … ‘A holiday from a holiday’ as we used to call it (yep I know, I cringe at that saying too).

By the time the trip came around we hadn’t saved enough for the length of the trip, despite this, we still went with the knowledge that we both had a tax rebate coming to us within a couple of weeks.

2 weeks had passed and there was still no sign of the money. 4 weeks had passed, we had just arrived on Gili T in Indonesia, and still no sign…. we were BROKE. Now I’m not talking $200 dollars broke but more like -$0.27 in our accounts kinda broke LOL. (Shout out to my pal Rose for transferring me $1 so I wouldn’t get charged by the bank)

IMG_7782Gili T- worst places to be stuck right? 

By some stroke of luck we happened to have friend who was working on the island as a diver master at Gili Divers (really wicked diving school FYI) …..who knew that there were a couple of jobs going working for a bar named ‘Jiggy’s’

We got really excited at the thought of being bar maids again until our dreams were quickly killed when we realised we had to be boat party ticket sellers……but beggars can’t be choosers eyyyy.

We spent our days strolling up and down the beach approaching strangers, trying to sell them the dream. On paper this sounded piss easy but after few days in we began to realise that we were the WORST ticket sellers on the planet.

You know you’re terrible / a bit special when:

1. you can’t sell young, drunk people tickets to a party where they can get more drunk
2. The people you attempt to sell to have to try and coach you on how to do your job
3. People end up buying off you because they pity you (and also tell you that to your face)

You’d also think with the fact that each ticket sold equaled 2 meals, we’d really try to pull out all the stops , but no….. we were bloody hopeless!

IMG_8220The only boat trip we were allowed to go on out of pity because our sales were so poor LOL 

After 4 whole weeks (how we didn’t get fired I don’t know) and just 3 days before our Indonesian visa was due to run out (living life on the edge) our tax rebate came through. We swiftly treated ourselves to some diving, a trip to the moon and obvs a one way ticket back to Australia!

Now I know I said at the beginning of the article I said this was a tip on how not to travel, however this ‘mistake‘ gave us some of the funniest memories of our lives and we ended up meeting some weird and wonderful people (Some of who we still speak with today).


So I guess in short, don’t be stupid but always take risks…. init (however if you ARE gonna be stupid then make sure it’s somewhere like Gili, views Like this make it A LOT easier)! 


And considering this is a travel blog after all here are some of my recommendations..

To eat

1)Balisampan (for the best baguettes….Tradition Indonesian and all that)
2)Pituq vegan cafe
3)The night market (but prepare yourself for the possibility food poisoning)   
4)Try a ‘Nasi Goreng’ they are on the menu wherever you go and it’s the best fried rice a girl could ask for                             

To stay

1)Wonderland Guesthouse ( Alice in Wonderland theme with THE nicest owners and they also have LOTS of tea)
2)My mates place hostel
3)Gili Backpackers
4)Pearl of Trawangan (if you’re feeling flash)

To Play

1)Jiggy boat party (obvs) LOL
2)Lava bar to start the night
3)Each night a different bar has its turn at being the ‘place to be’ on the island- but my faves we’re always Sama Sama and jungle bar
4)Go to Banana leaf and speak to Nurman (if you want to have the funniest night of your life)

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any stupid decisions made off the back of this post

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