Top Eastern Europe Itinerary – 6 days through Vienna, Prague and Budapest

I’m a big believer of seeing as much as you can when you are in a certain area. So when I was looking at trips to Vienna and I saw how close it was to both Prague and Budapest by train/bus, I thought why not kill 3 birds with one stone and bloody DO THEM ALL, and to my surprise, the total cost of was a hell of a lot cheaper than I was expecting.


I knew this was going to be a hilarious trip when we first arrived in Vienna and tried to get into our accommodation. We had booked into a Self Catering apartment. However, landing at 11pm at night and booking a self-catering apartment probably wasn’t the best idea.  Once we had arrived at the apartment we had to follow a set of ‘Mission impossible’ style instructions in order to obtain our keys from a safe. Once we got hold of the keys we naturally took the wrong set and slept in the wrong apartment for the night. We did wonder why we had 5 beds when there was only 2 of us, but who were we to question the generosity of the Viennese.

The Pretty Stuff

Hofburg Palace – A pretty little palace on the way into the city. Word on the street is that this is the Austrian Presidents office.

St Stephens Cathedral – The most famous Cathedral in Vienna. You can pay €4.50 to head up the tower and get an amazing Birdseye view of Vienna

Austrian Parliament – What more can I say on this one?

St Peters church – I personally preferred this church to St Stephens Cathedral- The Architecture is bloody amazing.

Austrian National library- I’m not that into books so didn’t pay the €7 entrance fee, but did get a little peep inside- it’s realllll pretty in there

Danube river If you’ve got some time to kill walk along the river or even better take the mini lunch cruise down it

Food and Drink

Café Mozart A fancy little ‘How do you do’ style café that serves up cakes, bread and coffee’s galore and if you’re a proper British tourist they also serve up a traditional English breakfast- just so you can really soak up the culture.

Café- Restaurant GutenbergA Traditional Austrian restaurant that serves up all da schnitzel, goulash and dumplings a food girl could ask for

Christmas Markets- As well as the main extravaganza Christmas Market outside the city hall, there are lots of mini Christmas markets dotted all over the city. In all of them you will find stalls serve up copious amounts of Mulled wine/Cider in ALLLLLL OF DA FLAVOURS- You even get it served in the cutest little Christmas boot mug which you keep as a souvenir for an extra €

Sofitel Vienna You HAVE to go here! If you love Cocktails, Rooftop bars, City views and a bit of chilled house and Jazz then this is the bar for you. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Hotel SacherThe Home of the traditional Viennese Sachertorte. Come here to try a slice of this famous chocolate cake and a pot of tea, or if you’re a top ‘lad lad lad’ like my pal George you’ll order it with a pint instead.

Kaiserkraner- Sausage filled with CHEESE! What more could you want? You can find these in little food huts/ kebab shops dotted around the city but it’s Probably only something you would want when you’ve had a couple of beers though.

Adrata Wien- Found this little gem when we were walking along the river and stopped here for a Mulled Cider. It’s a cute little café in a Marquee with outdoor heaters and blankets to keep you warm. You can look out over the river and watch the world go by.

Puff Cola- This place was an ‘Old Mans’ pub that we found in one of the side streets off the city. If you’re looking for traditional style décor with lots of beer and Jägermeister, then this is a cool little spot. However, be prepared to come out smelling like a baby ashtray because they can still smoke indoors.


We jumped on an early morning 5-hour coach from Vienna to Prague and parked up in the city at about 10am. We only had 20 hours to explore Prague, and it was pissing down with rain, so obviously we didn’t get to see as much as we would have liked too, BUT we did manage to cover some good ground, and get in a lot of eating and drinking along the way.

The Pretty Stuff

The Old town squareA Big square with cobbled paving, shops, market stalls and a pretty Marvellous church and clock tower

Prague Castle – Climb up to the castle to get an amazing birds eye view of the city. If you want to go further into the castle, then you will have to queue up and pay- but the pretty views are for FREE.

Charles Bridge – I don’t know much about history but this was built back in 1357 and has some really cool statues on it (I know I sound simple but sometimes a girl is easily pleased). Try and head here at night time too- you can get an amazing view of the castle all lit up ahhhhh.

These are obviously the main (and most touristy) spots in Prague, but there is a lot more to do, such as visit the Jewish Quarter, Head up the Zizkov Television tower and visit the Beer spa, and when I go back I’ll be sure to take a trip to these myself.

Food and Drink

Bread Soup – A Hearty soup served in a bowl made of bread. I can promise you it’s the Stuff of dreams on a cold November day

Trdelnik – Ice Cream served in a nutty, orange zesty, cinnamon-y cake cone with all the toppings your heart desires.

Malostranska BesedaWe got 2 beers for about £1 at this restaurant -Need I say more?

Anonymous Bar One of the funkiest bars I’ve ever been too. Anonymous Legion themed, the waiters shake up your cocktails with Anonymous masks on, and you even get some laid at your table. Not only that you get some cool novelty cocktails served up in IV drips and coffins. There is also a secret menu that you can only see at the waiter’s discretion if they choose to give you their UV torches. MAKE SURE YOU BOOK cause it’s pretty popular.


Again we hopped on a bus from Prague to Budapest – This was a 7-hour journey so a bit longer, but we managed to get the 4 seats at the back and spread ourselves out. They also had WIFI on the bus so we could keep ourselves entertained. We had 2.5 days here so lots of time to fill our boots with adventures.

The Pretty Stuff

Gellert Hill/ Citadel – Climb up here for spectacular panoramic views of the city. Very instaworthy

Buda Castle & Fishermans Bastian- Again come up here for more amazing views of Buda with some History thrown in to boot. Fishermans bastian was probably my favourite place!

Town Centre Have a mooch around the town centre, here you will find the Christmas markets, the big ‘BUDAPEST SIGN’, St peters Basilica and lots more.

St Peters Basilica –  The main religious place of interest in Buda. Catch this at night and you’ll see some weird light show projected across the building, although I don’t know if this is just for Christmas??

Chain Bridge Buda’s Equivalent of Tower bridge. The best time to view the bridge or walk along it is at night.

Hungarian Parliament – You can walk around parliament but I think the best view of it is from afar on the opposite side of the river- again, especially at night when it’s all lit up. Bloody spectacular m8.

Szechenyi Spa – The most popular thermal baths in Buda, this is about an hour’s walk out of town. If you’re friends are hungover lie to them and say that the walk is only 30 minutes. It works a treat. It is also a great hangover cure so tell them to quit their moaning cause you’re doing them a favour!

Hero’s Square You’ll see this memorial on your journey to the spa. It’s a stunner

Food and Drink

Christmas MarketsSo we ate at the Christmas Markets every day for both breakfast and lunch (apart from the one time we went for pizza). I had a selection of traditional dishes ranging from pork stuffed cabbages, to goulash to some dayyyum tasty meat and potatoes.

Szimpla Kert This is another wicked bar. It’s known as ‘ruin bar’ – decorated with random bits from the city’s history. Beware though- the cocktails are STRONG

I would love to say that we got to experience a few more bars in Budapest, but that would be a lie. After a few in Szimpla Kert we did attempt to try out a few more, we hailed down a taxi and asked him to take us to the next bar, but apparently what he heard was ‘Drive around the city for 10 minutes and take us back to the exact same bar’ because that’s exactly what he did, and then we had to pay around £10 for the privilege. We cut our losses and headed back into Szimpla for a few more cocktails… and that’s where the night draws a blank.

Picture us the next morning listening to the voice notes we had sent to our group chat, apparently, we had spent the night with some Swedes, some Americans and some guys from Yorkshire. WHO KNEW?



Seriously though I loved it all, if I had to put it in order of preference it would be Budapest, Prague and then Vienna. For each city, I would say 2 days is enough to see all the hot spots, but obviously, that’s all dependant on preference and the pace you would like to take on your trip.

Also to note, whilst I was prepared for the price of Vienna (Quite similar to London prices), I would say is that Prague and Budapest, on the whole, were not as cheap as I was expecting-so take a little extra just in case.

Travel: £80 per person

Accommodation: £150 per person

Spending Money: £450 (a bit less if you don’t drink)

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