About Me

Hi I’m Christina!

As you may have already read from my home page I’m 28 years old and from Hertfordshire. I have a huge passion for travel and have visited over 25% of the world’s countries. I love recommending holidays and trips to my friends and family and have always been the go-to for when people are looking for ideas. So, I thought why not extend on that and start a blog?

By day I work in recruitment, so this blog mainly centres around how I keep up my travels whilst working a 9-5 and on 25 days annual leave per year.

Things you might want to know

  • I enjoy all types of travel experiences- beach holidays, mountain hikes, adrenaline sports… pretty much everything.
  • I LOVE food (especially cheese)
  • I’m very sarcastic
  • I’m addicted to Skyscanner.
  • Dissimilar to resting bitch face, I have a resting gormless face – so look like I’m miserable a lot of the time.
  • I was Mariah Carey’s youngest fan back in the ’90s.
  • I’ve recently got into photography, at the I’m the girl with “all the gear and no idea”, but with a little bit of practice and research, I’m hoping to change that.

Anyway, Welcome!
I hope you enjoy
Christina x