About Me

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Hi I’m Christina!

As you may have already read from my home page I’m 29 years old and from Hertfordshire. I have a huge passion for travel and have visited over 25% of the world’s countries.

I love recommending holidays and trips to my friends and family and have always been the go-to when people are looking for ideas. So, I thought why not extend on that and start a blog?

By day I work in recruitment so this blog centres around how I keep up my travels (to places near and far) whilst working a 9-5 job and on 25 days annual leave per year.

I wholeheartedly believe that can have it all. That you do not have to compromise your desire to travel just because you have a full-time job. With that being said, the aim of this blog is to help you explore more of the world as a ‘part-time’ traveller through my travel guides and travel tips.

I truly hope that you find some sort of inspiration, or gain new insight into the world of travel through reading this blog.

Anyway, Welcome!
I hope you enjoy
Christina x