Tromso, Norway – A 5-day Road Trip Itinerary

Tromso, Norway, or Nor-BAE as I now call it has been on my bucket list ever since visiting Iceland 2 years ago. Iceland was magical and I knew that Tromso, Norway and in fact all of Norway was meant to be similar in its landscapes. On to the list, it went! Following some deliberation on […]

Do they have Iceland in Iceland?

So I know that it feels like every man and his dog has been to Iceland over the past couple of years, and you can probably read umpteen blog posts on the country, but this place has been on my bucket list for a good few years so I’m going to give you a short(ish) […]

A Guide to 36 Hours in Dublin

One of my favourite pass-times when I’m bored is to jump on to SkyScanner select ‘London’ to ‘Everywhere’, chuck in a few random dates and see what cheap options it brings up. I did this a few weeks before Christmas and saw that it brought up flights for a weekend in Dublin for just £38!! […]

How to spend a weekend in Hamburg

When Sade (my beautiful Finnish friend who I worked with in the Australian outback over 2 years ago) invited me to come and stay with her in Hamburg, I jumped at the chance. Rule number 1 in life- When life offers you holidays you DON’T say no (probably a main factor in why I’m terrible […]